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Mrmo Technical Service is a service provider that offers cleaning services in Dubai for businesses, homes, and factories. We can help you with anything from a weekly clean to a large staff that cleans every day and keeps an eye on the site.

Do you need a dependable Dubai cleaning service you can trust? In any case, we are relieved to see you at the right place. Whether you need help cleaning your house, office, or technical facility in Dubai, Mrmo Technical Services is there for you at affordable rates.

Everyone knows that the point at which disinfection is considered successful varies from country to country. At Mrmo, we use the best tools and methods to come up with a cleaning schedule that fits your needs. When planning our services, we always consider the availability of our clients’ preferred cleaning times. You can believe that we will always go above and beyond industry standards.

Residential and Commercial Cleaning Services
in Dubai by Industry Experts

Our cleaning services in Dubai are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and can be used by businesses and individuals. Our cleaners undergo a lot of training before joining our team, so you know they will do an excellent job for you. Because we care about you and your property, we take extra precautions to use the right equipment while cleaning hard-to-reach locations.

We prefer ecological cleaning techniques that are versatile enough to meet your specific needs. Diluted and powerful cleaning solutions are our go-to since they make housework more bearable and effective. Years of experience and rave customer feedback have made us the industry leaders in commercial cleaning.

Follow well-known procedures and green cleaning products.

Arrange for individualized cleaning schedules.

Always run-through careful sanitation.

Skilled cleaning workers and technicians with the proper training

Standard-setting Cleaning Services in Dubai Inclusions


Cleaning service for flats and houses in Dubai

Cleaning service for moving in/out

Cleaning services for furniture, rugs, carpet, and curtains in Dubai

Exterior window cleaning and removal of stickers from window glass

Fixture cleaning

Clearing and cleaning for pipes and sinks

Cleaning of cabinets

Post construction cleaning service in Dubai

Dubai's Premier Commercial & Office Cleaning Company

Clean and maintain swimming pools

Deep cleaning services

Dust removal from door frames, window frames, and baseboards, light switches, mirrors, and so on

Descaling of floor and wall tiles

Paint stain removal from the floor

Cleaning, scrubbing, and refurbishment of all types of floorings to remove blemishes

We will send dedicated personnel to your site in Dubai, UAE. Cleaning professionals will finish all duties diligently while considering your specific needs. Request a free pricing quote for a customized cleaning service in Dubai.

Benefits of Dubai’s Leading Cleaning Services

1. Home cleaners who are fully trained and insured

• In-person interviews and selection
• Mrmo provided in-depth training and instruction.
• Efficient, tidy, and friendly.

3. Professional quality equipment used by technicians

• Tank cleaning technology uses specialized solutions.
• Machines for Hot Water Extraction and Dry Carpet Cleaning
• Wet vacuums, floor scrubbers, and polishers
• Water-Fed Pole Commercial Window Cleaning Equipment with Long Reach

2. Taking extra care with your belongings.

• Local cleaners who know what is best for your home and commercial place
• Trained to clean in line with a unique agency-approved checklist.
• Skilled in using the suitable cleaning method and high-quality detergents based on the individual conditions of your property.

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Our professional cleaners in Dubai offer a wide range of cleaning services for homes, offices, and commercial buildings. We are dedicated to providing customized solutions that always fit your needs, and we take the opportunity to maintain consistently high standards. We deliver bespoke solutions and excellent outcomes, whether you require after-builder, house, or end-of-rental cleaning in Dubai.

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