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Our vision is to become the exclusive Demolition service in Dubai. We aim not to meet but exceed client expectations by delivering consistently excellent service with a dedication to excel across all our business lines.

Numerous demolition projects need the retention of one or more of a condemned building’s façade. The availability of technical experience combined with an understanding of temporary support and shoring provides Mrmo Technical Services with a unique competency that will save our clients time and money.
We are leaders in these segments as experts in technical and complex tasks by using our specialized equipment and experience to complete projects in refineries, industrial warehouses and factories, residential buildings, live operational facilities, and inner-city multi-tenant commercial structures in a safe manner.

Five Advantages of Expert Demolition Services

We realize how stressful, expensive, and time-consuming construction projects can be. We vow to make your experience with Mrmo Technical Services as stress-free and painless as possible. Here are the advantages of hiring the best demolition services

Reputable demolition firms have the required licenses, expertise, and training to guarantee that your project meets all applicable federal and local standards.

When you delegate the demolition to skilled professionals, you protect yourself from damage and ensure the project's overall safety.

Using more efficient methods, a demolition crew can demolish virtually any structure and guarantee that the entire object is removed as efficiently as possible.

Professional demolition services limit the danger of groundwater pollution, excess emissions, and other typical construction-related concerns.

One of the significant advantages of professional demolition over inexperienced demolition is that a professional may expedite the procedure significantly. This expedited procedure allows you to start construction sooner, saving time and money.

Demolition Jobs in Dubai We Take on

Our work crew is an expert in the field and knows how to do many different types of demolition, including:

Temporary façade erection

Plant removal

Onsite Concrete Crushing machinery

Garage demolition

Concrete Crushing

Licensed waste carriers

Groundwork inclusive of contaminated material – Tarmac etc.

Tank removal below and above ground

Hoarding with access gates erected

Full and partial demolition

Factory demolition

House demolition

Chimney demolition

Contaminated material removal – Insulation, asbestos etc

Demolition by Cut and Carve

Cut-and-carve projects are common in the demolition and construction industries, allowing builders to re-engineer structures to make room for new additions or repairs.

Asbestos Testing and Removal

We hire a qualified partner to do asbestos surveys to ensure that only asbestos that doesn’t need to be reported is there. If asbestos is found, our experts will guide you on how to get rid of it safely.

Assessments of Risk

We undertake risk assessments on demolition sites to make sure that workers and people who come to watch are safe. Our team’s contractors check every demo job to ensure safety measures to protect all workers and people nearby.

Risk Management and Safety Procedures

Our secure timber hoard solutions provide for the safe partitioning and protection of construction sites. Companies in UAE may rely on our security experts to source and install timber hoarding systems.

Additional Service

At Mrmo Technical Services, we besides offer clearance services after the demolition service in Dubai.

Cleanup Service

It’s crucial to properly prepare the ground before beginning any construction. When you cannot fix the old buildings, the site needs to be cleared to make room for new, high-tech facilities.
As an expert demolition service, we provide full-service removal that leaves no traces of subsurface elements like foundations. After that, you can start constructing or opening businesses on the land.

Our Mission

We intend to deliver our clients the most outstanding quality demolition services through our expert and trained demolition workforce. We take pleasure in providing a cutting-edge service to foster long-term partnerships with our clients.


We are proud of our technological workforce, which consists of machinery drivers and operators that are well-trained, hard-working, and prepared to take on any demanding or tremendous, complex job.
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