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Top-Rank Concrete Repair Service In Dubai | Mrmo


Top-Rank Concrete Repair Service In Dubai | Mrmo

Top-Rank Concrete Repair Service In Dubai | Mrmo 704 528 admin

When it comes to concrete repair service in Dubai, look no further than Mrmo Technical Services. We provide comprehensive concrete repair and rehabilitation services, including inspection, assessment, and repair advice.

The concrete repair services offered by Mrmo Technical Services in Dubai are among the best in the market. Consequently, restore and polish your floor to a high-gloss finish to make the most of its potential and amaze visitors and workers.Our service experts have years of experience fixing concrete buildings and can offer individualized assistance to homeowners and business owners. Our goal with every project is to deliver exceptional value to our customers while adhering to all applicable regulations and safeguards.

We use spray concrete, flowable micro concrete, and hand-placed pre-packed repair mortar to fix cracked or broken concrete. In addition, we are very adaptable and work closely with our clients to produce a high-quality finish consistent with the parent concrete.

In a nutshell, we promise 100% satisfaction to our clients because of the expertise of our staff and our commitment to maintaining the highest standards at all times.

To What End Would You Need A Concrete Repair Service Expert?

Once exposed to the weather, carbonation in untreated concrete is impossible to prevent. Concrete’s surface absorbs carbon dioxide over time, and the gas reacts with water and the calcium hydroxide in the material. The resulting calcium carbonate increases the compressive strength of the concrete immediately after it is mixed. The concrete’s alkalinity drops, and its structural integrity deteriorates.

Carbonation in concrete can progress at a rate of 1–5 mm each year, depending on its permeability. Over time, carbon dioxide seeps more profoundly and deeper into concrete, eventually reaching the reinforcement steel. Carbonation weakens the concrete’s protective layer, allowing air and water to corrode the steel, which then rusts and expands, spalling and cracking. As a result, the surrounding area experiences a high rate of failure.

A specialist in concrete repairs will chip away at the concrete around the spalled steel until they reach a solid base. Before receiving a treatment to shield it in the future, the exposed steel would be cleaned and readied to return to shining steel. Before filling the repair area with concrete repair mortar, cathodic protection (corrosion protection system) may be utilized, depending on the scope of operations.

A fairing coat can be applied to restore the structure’s original depth by abrasively or water blasting the concrete’s surface. The process is completed by applying a coating that prevents water penetration.

Main Advantages Of Concrete Repair Service In Dubai

Its outstanding resistance allows for vigorous and extensive use and is three times as strong as regular microcements. Because no old materials need to be removed, it’s an excellent choice for renovation projects and high-traffic areas. Moreover, it is completely watertight.

Another notable benefit is that after waiting 24 hours, you can expect to see foot traffic if you have completed the application process.

What Is Included In Our Concrete Repair Service In Dubai

  • Specialist Cleaning and Coatings 
  • Specialist Cleaning and Coatings 
  • Composite and structural strengthening
  • Corrosion control
  • Membranes
  • Anchors and ties
  • Composite and structural strengthening

Get in touch with us to get a free estimate or if you’re interested in learning more about our concrete repair service in Dubai, UAE.