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Concrete Repair

We are a concrete repairs specialist, offering a range of expert concrete repair and maintenance service in Dubai.

#1 Concrete Repair and Maintenance Service in Dubai | Mrmo

We are happy to be acknowledged as one of the best concrete repair service providers in Dubai at MRMO Technical Services. We specialize in providing turn-key concrete repair and rehabilitation services, including inspection, evaluation, and repair recommendations. Our service experts have a wealth of experience restoring concrete buildings and offer tailored solutions to residential and commercial clients. Our main goal with each of our projects is to give our clients high-quality work at a reasonable price while adhering to the most up-to-date safety regulations.


Inclusions in Our Concrete Repair Service in Dubai

Before beginning a job, our professionals will do a site study to detect all sorts of damages and decide the best step to remediate them. Preparing the concrete surface is a crucial stage in ensuring that the concrete adheres precisely to it. From chemical cleaning to acid etching, we use a variety of surface preparation procedures. Protective mortars are a type of bonding agent that is used to keep construction materials together. Protective coatings, on the other hand, aid in the reduction of corrosion and the extension of the concrete surface’s life.

Corrosion inhibitors are often used to repair mortars and are commonly applied as an additive to new concrete to improve the structure’s strength and longevity. The use of cathodic protection extends the life of concrete constructions. It’s a tried-and-true method for preventing and managing steel corrosion. Joint and crack sealing can be accomplished with flexible sealants and specific foundation caulk. It aids in the reduction of both water infiltration and de-icing chemical entrance.


Concrete Repair and Maintenance Service in Dubai – Our Technical Expertise

We specialize in a wide variety of post-tensioned concrete repair services, from enhancing the load-bearing capacity of the concrete structure to adding barrier coatings and making adjustments to existing post-tensioned concrete. Slab degradation, bar corrosion, and excessive stress on beams or columns are all situations that call for structural cast-in-place repairs with cast-in-place fibre reinforced concrete or cast-in-place low-slump dense concrete. We provide complete solutions against all precast concrete repair demands, ensuring that damaged areas of the pavement and faults are correctly cut out, whether it’s surface spalls and voids or structural defects like deep spalling and rock pockets.

We have warehouses in Dubai, UAE, where we keep and mix all of the raw ingredients for concrete, which we later transport to the construction sites. We may provide as little as a single wheelbarrow load or as much as 50 cubic meters per hour of concrete. This way, we may save resources by reusing items to provide top-notch concrete service in Dubai.

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